Third Trimester Faves

Third Trimester Faves

Alrighty guys. Now that I am passed my third trimester and blissfully enjoying the so called fourth trimester, I wanted to give an update of my favorites from the last few months of pregnancy!

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First Trimester Pregnancy Favorites
Second Trimester Pregnancy Favorites 

The last 12 weeks of pregnancy were full of a mix of emotions and everyones favorite question…”You’re still pregnant!?” or whenever I would walk into teach a class, “You’re still here?” Yep…still here. Waddling along! As many of the products I already touched on in my previous posts continued to be favorites (hello, Snoogle and Blanqi leggings) there are some new ones to add to the list!


IMG_4201 3

I read a lot about the benefits of eating dates during the last 4-5 weeks of pregnancy, so I figured, hey, why not give it a try. I am happy to report back that yes, I indeed went into labor spontaneously, my membranes were intact upon arrival, and my active/transition phases of labor were quite quick and manageable!  My midwife even commented the Thursday before I went into labor about how soft my cervix was and that she didn’t think I would have a long labor. Sorry if that was TMI, Dad. 🙂  All in all, my labor went extremely smooth and fairly quick! Whether this did the trick or not, you better believe I will do the same during my next pregnancy! You can read more about the benefits here and here!

I loved stuffing them with peanut butter, putting them in my oatmeal or adding them to smoothies for natural sweetness! The magic number is apparently six a day and I grew to love my dates so much, that I still eat them almost every day!

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea


Like dates, RRL, is touted for its possible benefits during labor. Again, studies show that women who consumed RRL towards the end of their second and into their third trimester, had shorter labors, decrease the intensity of contractions, less likely received an artificial rupture of membranes, needed a c-section, or the use of forceps. There’s also many nutritional benefits of drinking Red Raspberry Leaf and it definitely helped me get in more liquids, since all that water was getting old! I drank a hot cup every night before bed and kept a jug in the fridge to have throughout the day. Here is more information on the benefits. The link also includes a recipe to brew your own to keep a jug in the fridge!

Lavender Essential Oil & doTERRA Diffuser

I just love the smell of lavender! It’s so calming and relaxing. I added this to my bedtime  routine to help me wind down at night.  I either used the diffuser (which makes our house smell really good) or put a drop on my big toes before bed. Been sleeping like a baby!


Prenatal Massage & Meditation 

I have to say I was very lucky not to experience really any pain during my pregnancy and I definitely attribute this to my active lifestyle, strong core, and yoga practice. I did have the normal growing pains of things shifting and pressing during the last few weeks, as well as, the bit of anxiety and inability to completely relax in those last few weeks. I found prenatal massage to be extremely informative and peaceful. It was a chance for me to learn how to connect more with my body and baby which was very important to me.

I made it a goal to meditate for at least 10 minutes the last few weeks of pregnancy. It helped clear my mind, combat anxiety, and focus my breathing. I tried to make it a habit to sit each morning before doing anything else in hopes that I would continue once the baby arrived. I’ll be honest and say this has not happened one single morning or at all. Hopefully now as we settle into a little routine and get to know each other better, I can work it into our life together!

Comfy pants


Other than the a few new longer tops, I really hadn’t bought much in terms of maternity wear for work. I did invest in a pair of comfy jogger pants from Lululemon, thanks to my sister-in-law’s recommendation. I got a pair called the Base Runner, but I can no longer find them on the site, but they’re something similar to these On-the-Go Joggers. I couldn’t handle being sucked into tights pants those last few weeks!

Kopari Coconut Melt

This stuff is amazing. One of my amazing best friends, who works in the beauty biz, sent me this stuff to try and I wish that I had found it earlier in my pregnancy. You can read her magazine write up in New Beauty about the Coconut Melt here. It helped keep my skin so supple and smooth and reduce all that itchiness as my belly really grew those last couple months! I love the way it melts in your hands and the light coconutty smell. I did and continue to use it all over my body, as well as on the babe.


Comfy bras

Since I quickly began to outgrow my bras, I went ahead and bought nursing bras since I was going to be needing them very soon anyways. I picked up a couple of these Gillian & O’Malley bras from Target for sleeping and around the house and these for everyday wear. I love the seamless bra because they functioned very similar to a sports bra, so they provided enough support to go from “around town” to workouts. Plus they don’t cost an arm and a leg, considering I don’t know if my size will continue to change!

Maternity tanks from Target




Besides a few specialty pieces (For Two Fitness Tanks and Blanqi leggings), I think almost all of the actual “maternity” clothes I bought were from Target.  I refused to buy too much and I refused to spend too much on maternity clothes, so Target did a great job pulling through for me! These Champion long tanks were great for workouts – breathable and long – which was just what I needed to cover my large bump. I held off as long as I could, but things started to get obscene and a  little drafty in my new mid-drift tops, so I purchased a couple of different tops from Target to hold me out until the end! And I loved these Ingrid & Isabel tanks throughout my whole pregnancy. Seamless and slightly ruched sides made them super comfy and something that I wore under almost every outfit.


No explanation here. Embrace them. Love them.

Fellow mama friends: What did you find most helpful in your last few months of pregnancy? 

Andddd…I think those are the big ones for me! I am so looking forward to getting my birth story up on the blog soon! Stay tuned!



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