The Delaney Diaries: 4 month check in!!

The Delaney Diaries: 4 month check in!!

My goodness. It’s time to write another monthly blog post. How did that happen? I’m pretty certain I will say it every time. Time is FLYING by, Laney Bug!

delaney 4 months

Days that were once filled with marathon feeding sessions, decent naps and lots of cuddles are fleeting and you are developing more of a little personality each and every day! Now you enjoy lots of interactive face time, our goofy faces, sitting up like a big girl (tear) and even some of your toys!

delaney doll.4

delaney boppy.4

It’s hard to say which stage has been my favorite with you so far, because each day keeps getting better and better! I can remember laying in bed with you, just a few days old, crying because I didn’t want this moment to pass. Hello hormones. And now look at ya, 4 months old and bringing more joy to my life than I ever thought possible.


The best part is, you don’t have any idea how happy you make us. It’s been so amazing to see the world through your eyes and I can only imagine what it will be like watching you discover this world as you grow.


You still continue to sleep pretty great in your crib at night. We feed you and put you to bed around 7:30pm, waking just once around 2am or 3am for a quick feed and then back to sleep you go! You’ve even given us a few nights where you’ve slept from 7:30om-6:30pm and it was pretty incredible. Although, I wake up in pain and needing to pump, it was real nice to feel how a full nights sleep felt. I feel so fortunate that you do so well at night time, giving Dad and I sometime to unwind before bed and get some quality sleep before you wake up. I am just preparing myself for what is to come. Lets never do that whole sleep regression thing, kapeesh?


Although everyday is different, I’ve noticed you’re sleeping a bit less during the day. Some days you give us a three hour afternoon nap, other days it’s more like one. We are trying to  be a bit more consistent with nap time, putting you down in your crib or the Momaroo and allowing you to “put” yourself to sleep. You typically wiggle around for 15 minutes, sucking your thumb,  before falling asleep. Not sure this is the right thing to do, but you seem pretty content, so we will go with it for now! P.S. I am the world WORST swaddler. You’re such a little ninja and work yourself out the moment I wrap you up. Shooting me the biggest gummy grin the whole time. Dad on the other hand is a pro. I need a burrito rolling lesson.

We go to the doctors next week, so we will see what she has to say about beginning sleep training. I have held off on reading any type of book or researching, because I don’t even know what I am dealing with. I have full faith that once we get there, we will figure it out together.



Dad and I took our first trip away this month. All the way across the country to Seattle for Uncle Chris and Aunt Erin’s Wedding. You stayed home with Nonna and Papa and luckily, we all survived! It was so hard to leave you, but with the help of multiple FaceTime sessions per day and knowing that you got to spend such great time with your family in Virginia made it so much easier. You even came back sleeping through the night (that lasted 3 nights), grabbing your toes and sucking your thumb! Which  is the CA-UTEST!


I was a little hesitant about leaving you with just the bottle and breastmilk. We had more than enough to make it through the trip, but you hadn’t been drinking from the bottle much, since I’m with you most of the time! Luckily, you took it just fine and all that worrying was for nothing. We were able to enjoy our time celebrating Uncle Chris and Aunt Erin knowing that you were happy as a clam with out us. That’s not to say the moment we picked you up after being gone for five days wasn’t the BEST feeling ever. You just laid on my chest, sucking your new found thumb. It was a moment I can’t describe and felt like in that moment we were reconnecting again and you were telling me you were okay.

You also decided to roll over this month! We were at the beach for The Fourth of July and one morning we put you on your belly and you decided to roll to your back. Three times in a row! You haven’t done it since, but we keep trying! You are much more fond of tummy time now and you can really lift your head high and reach for toys in front of you.

Speaking of which, you have a pretty good grip on all things. Especially my hair! It tends to “get in the way” now when you are breastfeeding, and you’re easily distracted by pulling on it, among other things.

You continue to be one energetic and smiley baby! One thing that every always comments on is how alert and “wild” you (and your hair) are. You still love to kick and play on your mat and have now found looking at yourself in the mirror to be totally cool! My heart melts when you stare at yourself in the mirror and then out of no where let out the biggest smile. You’re able to reach for toys hanging around you and you love to hold your OBall. I love the way your eyes get real big, right before you smack yourself in the face with it. Yes, it’s cute.

You are definitely more aware of your surroundings and our little living room just ain’t cutting it anymore.  When it isn’t stifling hot, we try to get you outside as much as possible. You seem to be a bit confused by wind in your face and it’s so fun to see how intrigued you are by all the sights and sounds around you.

And lastly, to keep it real with everyone reading and to keep a record for ourselves, I had my first big momma fail this month. You took your first tumble off the couch and it literally took my breath away. I am pretty sure time stopped, and so did my heart. I turned my back for 3 seconds only to turn back and see you backflipping off the couch. Literally catapulting yourself backwards as you pushed your feet to the back of the sofa and flipping over  landing on your belly. Luckily, I was able to get there at the last second before your face hit the ground and you let out a heart wrenching cry. I was in disbelief at how quickly it happened and so mad at myself for setting you down on the couch. Nonna has been telling me for at least a month now not to leave you alone, because you are ready to roll. I thought for sure I had just “one more time” in ya. I know it will be the first of many falls, but hopefully no more due to my poor judgement. How will I ever deal with not being able to protect you from everything? Loving you so much ain’t easy, girlfriend. Mommin’ is tough poop!


But no matter how overwhelmed I can get mothering a 4 month old, I am pretty sure I’ve never been so happy in my life. Every smile and every coo is worth not getting anything done and that feeling of not being able to accomplish anything!

I know our cuddle sessions will soon be few and far between. You are much more content sitting upright or pushing off our legs with your feet. I’m trying to cherish each one of these moments, especially the night time feedings. Pretty soon you won’t need them anymore and those sleepy nights spent in your rocker, gazing at your peaceful face will come to an end.

How lucky am I to be needed so much and to be someone’s most favorite person in the world? How lucky am I to be greeted with smiles that seem to take over your whole body when I walk into the room? Being your momma is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, little girl. And I know each day will be better than the last with you! Cheers to 4 months!

Love,  Maaaa

Outside: Tuffo Water Resistant Blanket
Sitting upright : Baby Bjorn Bouncer
Being swaddled
Fans & lights
Having your head rubbed
Sticking your thumb/whole hand in your mouth
Mom & Dad’s stupid songs they make up
Pushing off everything with your legs
Being Naked!
Infantino Soft Blocks

Being held like a baby (Unless it’s time for bed)
Having your boogies sucked out
Being in the car with just mom
Rolling off the couch (eeeeeek!)

Our Must Haves This Month:
Baby Bjorn Bouncer
Floor Mat
Ollie Swaddle (So scared to have to give this thing up soon!)
WubbaNub (Starting to lose interest, but still helps calm her, when she can’t find her thumb)
Sleep Sheep / Box Fan (White noise is your friend!)
Stroller fan 


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