My List of Top Superfoods & Supplements That Should Be In Your Daily Routine!

My List of Top Superfoods & Supplements That Should Be In Your Daily Routine!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Hope that y’all had a great weekend! We were on the road for most of the weekend, seeing friends and family, enjoying one more quiet weekend before the holidays begin! 

Today I wanted to share with you some of my top “superfood” staples that you should definitely consider adding to your daily routine! Now you don’t have to do these all at once – I know it can be overwhelming. Heck it has taken me years to adopt these new additions and habits, but I’ve noticed an incredible difference in my health and well being since including them into my diet. 

  1. Maca Powder. Need an energy boost? Hormones feeling a little out of whack? This amazing adaptogen has made a significant change in my world over the past year. This powder comes from the Andes and is a potent hormone regulator and energy booster! It can also boost athletic performance and libido. Heyoo. I took it all throughout my pregnancy and while breastfeeding and without a doubt notice a different when I don’t include it into my routine. Typically, I add Essentially Living Organic Maca it into my morning smoothie or oatmeal for an extra boost of energy and help calming the crazies. 
  2. Ghee. A staple of Ayurvedic medicine – it’s a clarified butter that contains lots of medium and short chained fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins A, D and E. Hopefully people are getting away from being scared of eating fat and realizing the positive (and necessary) reasons we need these health fats in our diet. Not only are their benefits for our brain, but also our digestive systems, hair, skin, nails and maintaining a healthy weight! I cook with it, bake with it and add it to my coffee or morning tonic for extra creaminess! My body craves these good fats and this is one you can most definitely feel good about feeding it! Not to mention it’s dairy and lactose free, so everyone can enjoy it! I like this Organic Valley Brand and I just ordered 4th & Heart Madagascar Vanilla Bean  on Amazon and I can’t wait to try it!ghee
  3. Coconut Oil. Speaking of fats – buy this stuff in bulk and use it…everywhere. Eat it, put it in your hair, lather it on your body, some may even use it as a lubricant. The possibilities are endless. As far as dietary benefits are concerned, coconut oil is high in medium-chained fatty acids, like lauric acid, which is easily converted to energy (not store as fat), easier to digest, are anti-microbial and anti-fungal and are smaller in size so they are easily permeable to cell walls. Consuming a tablespoon of coconut oil a day is proven to reduce heart disease and high blood pressure, reduce the incidence of alzheimers, reducing inflammation and providing a huge immune system boost! I cook with it, bake with it, throw it into smoothies and oatmeal, my whole family uses it after showers and this is all I have ever used on Delaney’s skin – no diaper rash here! Choose organic varieties that are unrefined. coconut-oil
  4. Collagen. A few years ago I started experiencing some severe digestive issues. After much research I found the healing effects of bone broth and the benefits it provides for our gut. Since then, especially during my pregnancy, I aim to get in at least a cup of bone broth a day. It’s high in minerals that support the immune system  and the collagen heals gut lining and reduces inflammation. Not to mention it is high in magnesium, protein, good fats and iron. Talk about a energy powerhouse.  When I’m not able to have my daily cup, I add Vital Proteins Collegen Peptides supplement to my coffee, oatmeal or baked goods! fullsizerender-53
  5. Turmeric. Anti-inflammatory and mood boosting! This spice contains curcumin thats compounds have been linked to lessening the the degree of severity associated with all sorts of health issues ranging from arthritis to digestive disorders. Sprinkle it onto vegetables before roasting, whip up a warming turmeric latte or add it to your cauliflower rice! You don’t need much, but the benefits are potent! fullsizerender-54
  6. Probiotic and Fermented Foods. Foods that are high in probiotics, Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, help support health digestion and immunity. I typically recommend including a good probiotic in your daily routine, but now there are many foods that are including probiotics like Purely Elizabeth Probiotic Granola and good old fashioned yogurt, like full fat Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr or Latta Russian Kefir Live Probiotic Yogurt that don’t contain added sugars.granolaConsuming fermented foods encourages these essential bacterias to flourish which assist in breaking down lactose and starches in our food, supporting digestion. Sources of fermented foods include sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, yogurt, kefir, tempeh (pictured below), and pickles. Including these foods in your diet helps restore your intestinal ecosystem which is VITAL for long term health, fighting disease, increased energy and weight management. The health of our gut dictates the state that the rest of our body is in. So a good healthy clean gut means a healthy happy body! 


  7. Magnesium. This has been a big one for me. I started taking this magnesium supplement about 2 years ago, because I read that it could help with digestive issues that I was having. I continued with it during my pregnancy, for magnesium deficiency is linked to poor fetal development and preeclampsia. A magnesium supplement is shown to help with tissue growth and recovery, as well as help deliver nutrients to the placenta. I have continued to take it regularly before bed and not only does it help keep me regular, but most notably has improved my sleep tremendously!  It helps clear my mind, keep me relaxed, helps with muscle recovery and combating headaches. Plus for me, this is a MUST when I am traveling!!calm
    When clients ask where to start with upping their nutrition routine, depending on what they are looking for, these are the places that I start! Yes, some are pricey and some mean changing up your routine, but if you want to see a change, you have to make one. Right?

    And lastly, of course before I leave, I must mention what superfood that should be #1 on everyone’s list – whether they are suffering from joint pain, insomnia, migraines, constipation, WHATEVER…try drinking water. Yes, I said it. Drink water and drink a lot. Drink 32 ounces of water when you wake up. Before your do anything else. Continue drinking throughout the day and just notice the difference you feel. Aim for at least 100 ounces depending on what else your daily routine looks like (exercise, being in the heat, yoga, coffee consumption). 

What is your favorite superfood?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with all the products on the market?

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