Hello Baby! – Back tracking a bit

Hello Baby! – Back tracking a bit

Happy Sunday Y’all! Hope you had a great first week back to a normal routine and settling into 2016 nice and comfy! 

Since I have waited so long to get back to blogging – the next few weeks are going to be for a bit of catch up, so bear with me. I always knew that I wanted to document my pregnancy not only for myself, but because I know that it has been so helpful to hear what other women go through during each stage.  Yes, it is easy to compare each pregnancy, so I do ask that when you read this you take each thing with a grain of salt. What I experience and what you may experience/have experienced may (and will) be totally different – and THAT’S OKAY – but I also think it’s nice to see what other’s experiences were, how they handled it, and what to look forward to! 

Since I’m 30 weeks today, I am going to give a run through of the first two trimesters before I get to documenting the last 10+/- weeks more consistently. Today I am going to share with you our pregnancy “announcement”.

Here’s the short version of how it all went down – Brian and I had been unofficially trying not to try for about a year. We had seen a few fertility doctors just to get a some things checked out, were run through a gamut of testing and given a bunch of “solutions” that we weren’t really comfortable with. After landing on the most amazing fertility doctor who took the time to listen to us and actually give us an answer, we were able to conceive fairly quickly! There were definitely times where it was frustrating and times where it was hard to accept some of the answers given by the doctors, but we kept the faith that it would happen if and when it was supposed to! And God willing, it did!


At the beginning of July we found out that we were in fact preggy with a little blueberry and that was when all the fun began! We decided to wait to tell our family and close friends until we were a little further along – which was definitely not easy!

We knew we wanted to tell our family in person, so we convinced my parents to come up for the weekend around week 9! We had a wedding on Friday night where we told Brian’s parents as we were waiting for our cars at the end of the night. Bri nonchalantly brought up that we were sorry I wasn’t much fun tonight, because it’s hard to be when you’re so tired and pregnant. Ah, gosh, I wish I had a picture of their faces. With just a few seconds to freak out and give big hugs, we were shoved into our separate cars, because we were standing on the side of a busy city street. 

The following morning, we gave my mom her birthday present and told her and my dad it was something for the both of them to have on their trip to Italy. Here’s the link to the video: Telling my parents about Baby Girl!!

The next two weekends we used our sweet nephews as props to tell our siblings and close friends that they were going to be big cousins! (I can’t find the pic with our other sweet boy!)
We waited until Week 16 to tell everyone else and at that point we knew we were having a girl. Being the two most impatient people in the world – yes, Brian and I went to a imaginging clinic to get an early gender detection ultrasound done. We were aware that at this point, there was a chance of it being wrong, but I assume anytime with a girl they can be wrong if that little hot dog decides to hide. 🙂 


Lets just say there is going to be lots of PINK in our future & I can’t wait!! This little one should be making it’s arrival in March 2016 (I’m 29 weeks pregnant now) and we couldn’t be more esssscited!!!!


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