Delaney Diaries: 12 month check in

Delaney Diaries: 12 month check in

It has been two weeks since we celebrated your first birthday and I am truly in disbelief. I have sat down to write the post a couple of times over the past few weeks and for some reason have kept putting it off! The past month has been action packed and on the go, but I have also felt at a loss about what to write! How could I put into words how I am feeling about my 7lb 6 oz little bitty baby girl be ONE?

Everyone tells you how quickly time, especially the first year flies by and girl, were they right! That first year is such an absolutely amazing experience. I mean how you go from literally being a little alien that can hardly open her eyes to this incredibly smart, loving, inquisitive little person is just astonishing. There has been so much growth, change, and development (for all of us) over the past year and I am just in awe of it all!

From the moment I met you, you stole my heart and every day since my love for you has grown more and more. Again, everyone talks about how the love they have for their children is like nothing else and I really don’t think that there is anyway to truly describe it. It’s an all encompassing, protective, vulnerable, I’d do anything for my baby kind of love. A love that is so intense at times that I feel like my heart is going to explode. And a love so powerful that it can stop me in my tracks, and it’s like nothing else in the world matters other than your happiness and safety.

You have brought more love, joy and happiness to our days than I ever thought possible.  I wasn’t sure what we were getting into the day that we brought you home, but day by day, we made it. Each day was different. Some days (much) harder than others. But each day we learned more and more about each other and now we have this most amazing connection that makes me thank God multiple times a day for giving me. I am so lucky to be your mommy. To know this kind of love. And to share these moments with your dad. You have given us so much purpose and I am so excited to watch you grow and experience life with you!

Our time together is much different these days. Not walking just yet, but the fastest little crawler I ever did see. You love to climb stairs, pull yourself up, climb on top of everything  and have even taken a few steps on your own! You do very well playing by yourself.  You love to sit and flip through books, jabbering like you are really reading the words. Stacking blocks, taking every toy out of the toy bin, then putting them back in and playing at your kitchen and using the spoon to “mix” the bowl (wonder where you learned that)?

I love how curious you are. It makes our days so much fun exploring new sights and sounds. You point at everything and let out a “isss”. Peaking around corners, lifting your eyebrows with each sound and taking it all in. Everyone comments on how expressive you are and I love how much personality you already have! You’re also a very social little girl. Flashing the 6 tooth grin, tucking your chin to your chest and scrunching your shoulders trying to pretend like you’re shy and then all of a sudden you open up and really take to just about everyone. Especially kids and dogs.

You are so excitable around kids and babies – like to the point of pretty much attacking them – we’re still working not he whole “gentle” thing.  Not to mention your favorite word is “baby” and we are pretty sure that I am “babe” to you. I love when I walk in the door and you reach out for me letting out a “Hi Babe”! When you’re sad or hungry it’s a “Mommaaaa”. The rest of your current party tricks include, “Dada”, “woof”, “no no no” – with a little finger wave, pretty sure you say “oh shiii – ” – oops, give and blow open mouth kisses, ask for more…of everything, will pull my shirt down when you want to eat – real nice, huh?, put your hands on your head when we say “oh my goodness”, clap your hands, you love to dance/twist,  pretty much have a full on conversation in baby babble, you think its hilarious to put your head on the ground and look through your legs and you seem to be becoming quite the copycat!

Seeing the world through your eyes really has put things into perspective for me and I have learned so much being your Momma. Each day you remind of what is most important in life. You remind that it’s okay to slow down and it’s okay to not be perfect. Laundry can wait, the dishes can sit and if I don’t get anything on my to do list done…it’s OKAY! It’s okay because I was there with you and I was present. In the grand scheme of things, whatever it was really doesn’t matter and all those little details I worried so much about before have become irrelevant. There has been so much to learn and it’s so easy to second guess yourself as a mom, but I have found that if I slow down and just take a moment to listen to your needs and the needs of our family, the answer that we need is right there.


We are in the thick of it and things are going great! Just reminding myself, like everything, everyday is different. Some days you are super hungry – eating everything in sight. Other days, you could careless and would prefer the boob. We try to offer a variety of foods, prepared in different ways and when you don’t take to something I save it for later or introduce it again the next day in an effort to reduce waste. You still continue to prefer any sort of protein – fish, chicken, beef, pork, etc. You love blackberries, strawberries, sauteed spinach, spaghetti squash, avocado (rolled in hemp seeds), eggs, pancakes, and peanut butter. We really just give you what we are eating in some form. Now that you are one I am starting to slowing introduce gluten free grains, like brown rice and quinoa and you’ve really enjoyed the crunch that brown rice and peanut butter gives ya! We’ve been working on putting your hands up when your “all finished” instead of throwing food all over the floor and some times you actually place the food onto the kitchen table when you don’t want anymore and if I let you sit there long enough…you typically eat it.

Some days we use this plate, other days we don’t. Some days we try cutlery, other days you use your hands. Since food has so many texture and colors I found that it’s a great time for some sensory learning. So far, a time that I find so many parents dread and fret about has been pretty enjoyable for us and I 100% credit it to the Baby Led Weaning approach!

In addition to “real food” you’re still breastfeeding four times a day and it is such a special time that I get to share with you. I am now sure how much longer we will go, but as of now, things are still going great!


I keep saying you’re going to the be the baby that gets us in trouble. You have been a pretty awesome sleeper from the start and sleeping through the night for months now. I guess since 6 months maybe? I should look back at that. But since then, rarely do you wake in the middle of the night – the fews times that you have it has been while traveling or a you let out a little yelp around 11pm and then fall back to sleep.

We have always followed a pretty loose schedule and just let you call the shots for the most part. I think because of that, you have been a pretty adaptable baby. Able to handle pretty much whatever situation – you let us know when you’re tired – and we let you sleep when you want to sleep.

Right now your schedule looks like a little something like this:

7am wake up – milk feed
8:30am – breakfast (eggs, pancake – coconut flour, banana & egg – , avocado toast, some fruit)
10:00am – nap
12:30pm wake up – milk feed
1:30pm – lunch (whatever we are having – chicken, beans, steamed or roasted veggies, sweet potatoes)
2:30pm – nap
4:30pm wake up -milk feed
6:00pm – dinner (whatever we are having – chicken, fish, beef, veggies, potatoes, rice)
7:30pm – milk feed & bed!

You are a pretty good alarm clock and we can tell when you are ready to go down. Thumb in the mouth and a far off look in your eyes. We still put you in a sleep sack and turn on your sleep sheep. I always say, you’ll probably end up taking that thing to college with you. Hey, whatever works, right?

As for us, I don’t think I can say it enough. You have made us just the happiest. Your dad and I still fight over who is going to get you from your crib when you wake up, we are still in awe by every little thing you do and we are blown away by the feeling we get every time we make you smile. I am pretty sure there is nothing better than hearing you belly laugh. Every moment with you is so precious and I was explaining to my mother-in-law that I was very attached to you this past month – more so than I usually am. I didn’t want to give you up or sacrifice any time with you, because I didn’t want to miss a thing!


Crawling and climbing over/on everything
Eating. A lot.
Looking out the front door
Going on walks and swinging at the park
Flipping through books and “reading” them to herself
Clapping, dancing, banging
Being chased / playing hide and seek
Going through cabinets
Pushing the buttons on our security system
Pointing at everything
Speedy crawling
Snuggling & sucking your thumb
Your cousins and all babies

Getting hands and faced washed. Does any kid like this?
Being tired
When I get home from work and run to the bathroom or to get changed
Getting changed or dressed
When we take away the phone, pens, anything you’re not supposed to have

12 month Favorites:

Books, especially books with flip-ups or pop-ups
Fisher Price Shape Sorter
Cardboard Blocks
Melissa and Doug Magnets on her new chalkboard wall & keep her busy in the kitchen while I cook!
VTech Sit and Stand Activity Walker
he’d much rather prefer anything around the house that she can bang around. Especially things in the liquor cabinets and the tupperwear drawer
Foamnasium Gymasium

BBox Sippy Cup – weighted straw
Silikids Sippy Cup
Avanchy Plate
Bumpkins Splat Mat
Ikea High Chair


Halo Sleep Sack – Wearable jacket
Sleep Sheep

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