Bye bye First Tri & First Trimester Favorites

Bye bye First Tri & First Trimester Favorites

Oh my golly! I can’t believe we’re into the second trimester! I have to be honest and say that it feels like it took a good long while to get here and I will most definitely say I am happy to see the first tri go bye bye!!! 🙂

I wanted to share some of the products that I found helpful during those first few weeks of pregnancy:

The biggest box you can find of GOLDFISH:


I kept a box by my bed and would carry the small bags with me every where I went. Needless to say, I was hooked on these fishies.

Gin GIns:

gin gins

Not my most favorite tasting things, but they have given me that little extra pep when I needed it and helped with nausea!

IMG_9309Even though I don’t technically need it for belly and back support at this point, this thing seriously felt like the best hug when I needed it most. Now I know why babies like the be swaddled. It has really helped me on those “dark days.” haha I went for the full wrap around & even though it takes up half our bed…I lurve it.


I was taking these prenatals, but needed to give up the iron for a bit, because it was causing some comfort issues ( 🙂 you get the point). I started taking just folic acid (no prenatal) for a few weeks, then switched back to these – Sorry that’s confusing. Bio-Kult Probiotics: my favorite probiotic I have found & best absorbed by the bod. Super important to be taking during pregnancy to help with momma and baby’s immune system!
Fermented Cod Liver Oil: without getting too technical FCLO contains high amounts of Omega 3 (specifically DHA and EPA), as well as a good dosage of Vitamin A & D. I think I’ll do a separate blog post on all the benefits here!
Vitamin D: I just feel better when I take an extra supplement of vitamin D, so I’ve continued this during pregnancy! FYI: Most people are D deficient, especially during the winter months, so I’d suggest getting tested whenever you get a chance!


L’Occitane Almond Oil:

Working on combatting those stretch marks! Plus it smells darn great. Just trying to keep the skin nice and hydrated before all the real stretching begins!

The uniform: Loose fitting dresses, flowy tank tops, loose shorts:

IMG_0407The goal is to pretty much have the least amount of clothes touch my as skin possible.

As for reading…I haven’t done too much, but I did get two pretty funny books from friends and have enjoyed reading them! Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy & The Pregnancy Countdown

Plus this great book by Nina Planck: Real Food for Mother and Baby.  I loved her take on eating real foods that are ideal for mom and babies optimal growth! She documented her pregnancy and was honest about how she felt. The book also took out the scare of eating certain foods (certain cheeses, sushi, tuna) and actually shed light on how those “foods to avoid” can and are actually very beneficial for both mom and baby.

Most importantly…this guy. 



Poor thing has to adjust to living with a crazy person and he did a great job! Picked up all the house work, cooking, rubbed my feet, and came to take my yoga classes just to give me that extra support. Most of all he was patient and understanding – while probably being terrified. I hope his friends that already went through this with their wives warned him about this. 🙂

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