And we’re back. Back again. Ashley’s back. Tell a friend. {+ Recipe}

And we’re back. Back again. Ashley’s back. Tell a friend. {+ Recipe}


Okay. Back at it. I am really having a hard time figuring out this whole technology thing. Sometimes I feel like my parents trying to figure out the iPhone (no offense Mom and Dad). Who knew computers could be so hard. I just want for everything to be simple. I want to have all of my pictures and files in the computer (hello Zoolander) and not in some “cloud” transmitting information in tiny little bits through the air above me.

Hopefully I will figure this all out before I have children, so that I can at least try to keep up with how ever we are communicating in 25 years. And hopefully I can figure it out even sooner, so that I can actually get this blog movin’ & shakin’!

I had originally planned to post this on Friday night, but the simple task of adding a photo to a blog post got the best of me and I gave up.   My weekend was spent at a certification training all weekend (more on that later), so there was little time to fit it in elsewhere.

Behold the spaghetti squash.  Yes, when cooked the insides resemble spaghetti-like noodles. No, it does not taste like homemade pasta from your Grandma’s kitchen. It doesn’t even taste like spaghetti from a box for that matter.  Don’t think you’re going to pull a fast one on anyone here.


But it does look like pasta and also has a texture that is similar to that of pasta. You can even twirl around your fork and eat it up like angel hair.  It has a flavor that is unlike other sweet squash-like flavors associated with butternut or acorn squash. It is actually quite bland, which makes it the perfect companion for just about any topping you choose! You’re able to simulate that same comfort and fork twirl you would get from a big ‘ol bowl of pasta, without the extra carbohydrates and calories. Plus a healthy addition of many nutrients, including folic acid, Vitamin A, beta carotene, and potassium. Bonus!


So here we are on this freezing cold Monday night with a light and fresh recipe for ya. It’s simple, requires little clean up, and is a great healthy way to start the week! 


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