Girls weekend in Asheville

 I’m just coming off an amazing weekend with my best girlfriends in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina! We decided a couple months ago that since there were no bachelorettes or weddings on the calendar, we needed to take matters into our own hands and book our annual trip! My girlfriends from college and I try to get together at least once a year and so far since graduation we’ve made trips to Dallas, San Diego, New York, Charleston, Las Vegas, Charlottesville, and Charlotte. These weekends are absolutely the best and I feel SO fortunate to have these girls in my life. We have stayed so close and been through a whole lots of ups and downs. We all played soccer together at Virginia Tech and I’m pretty sure that playing together and living so closely for 3-4 years has created a bond like no other. 

About a month ago we surveyed the group on potential destinations and I am so happy that Asheville won. I have been dying to go here for some time and given the chance to go with my best friends – at this most perfect time of year – was a win win! 


We rented a cabin in Montreat which was just about 20 minutes outside of Asheville. Yes, I am sure that it would’ve been nice to be downtown, but we really enjoyed the cozy mountain cabin feel, a lot of space in our rental and the short trip downtown wasn’t bad at all! Everyone had a comfy place to sleep and there was so much space for relaxing and gorgeous views of the colorful changing leaves. 

I arrived in Charlotte on Thursday evening. There were just four of us in town that night, so we grabbed food at Draught and watched the VT Football game, followed by a night of catching up on the couch with wine. 


Saturday morning, my friend Kelly (who lives in Charlotte) took me to Sunflour Bakery (a place I’ve been eying) for coffee and pastries. While she picked the rest of the girls up at the airport, I took a yoga class with my friend Emily. I wanted to take a class from a Jen at Peanut Butter Runner who I have been following for years now. She is the one I have to thank for the career path I have chosen. Yes, I was a trainer before I found her blog, but her blog posts turned me on to healthy living, spiked my interest in cooking (some of her recipes till remain some of my absolute favorites), and convinced me to go through Yoga Teacher Training! I knew this was my one chance to finally get to experience one of her amazing classes and hopefully meet her! 

We took her 9:30 Double Shot class at Y2 Yoga and it was awesome! Unlike anything I have ever taken before and even though I had to modify some things, I felt strong and I focused. The class was face paced, energized and the beats were bumpin’. Jen was authentic and raw, just like her blog, which naturally draws peoples attention. I am so happy that I was able to squeeze her class into my trip and even get a chance to meet her at the end. I was totally fan girling and hope I didn’t freak her out too much! Ha!


After yoga, Emily and I met the rest of the girls at littleSpoon for brunch. We started with the Deviled Eggs, Brussels and potatoes and then I got a quinoa bowl with a poached duck egg. 

Then we hit the road for Asheville! We couldn’t check in until 4pm and we made it there just after. It was a short 2.5 hour ride due to traffic, but the scenery was beautiful and the company with my girls was even better. 


We quickly got ready and headed downtown for our dinner reservations at Curate. I had heard such amazing things about this tapas restaurant and it surely didn’t disappoint. We put the ordering decisions in the hand of our foodie friend, Emily, who has been several times and everything was amazing. I didn’t take any pictures of the food because the lighting was rough and I was just enjoying time with the girls. Plus things were getting eaten faster than they could be placed on the table. Soccer girls like to eat. 


My favorites included the *rossejat negro which is similar to paella but made with thin noodles, squid in its ink, garnished with all i oli and salsa verde. Probably would’ve been hesitant to try, but was so happy I didn’t really know what it was and just did it! Also,*cerdo ibérico a las finas hierbas – grilled 100% pure ibérico pork, “skirt steak” with fresh rosemary and thyme. With a side of the mushrooms. Probably two of the best dishes I have ever eaten! I would absolutely recommend this restaurant. Oh and the Fried Eggplant drizzled with honey and topped with rosemary ice cream was pretty amazing. 

After dinner, we decided we’d head back home and finish the evening there since everyone had an early travel morning. 


On Saturday morning we planned to hike, so after we made breakfast, we headed to Lookout Trail on Black Mountain. It was the perfect hike for us. Not too strenuous and not too long, but offered beautiful views of the gorgeous NC mountains. The weather was crisp and chilly – perfect for a fall weekend in the mountains. 


After our hike, we grabbed coffees at the Dripolator in Montreat and then headed back to the house to get ready! 


For lunch we had amazing tacos at white duck taco shop . Oh em gee. Sometimes tacos disappoint me and I’m usually not a fan of corn tortillas. These…blew me away. Loved every bite of them. The menu is a la carte and offers about 12-15 different taco variations ranging from your typical beef, cheese and lettuce to gyro, asian or shrimp and grits. After much deliberation I went with the fish taco and Asian peanut. Both were incredible. I had a Sangria and chips with salsa on the side!


We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying Asheville’s Brewery Scene. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to Wicked Weed, but we did go to Hi Wire and Ben’s Tune Up which was a really cool brewery and beer garden. They had a neat bluegrass band playing and the outdoor area was filled with really cool greenery and old wooden tables. 


We had reservations at Rhubarb that evening. We chose to order similar to Friday evening – choosing small plates so that we could all have a taste. Again, everything was great and my favorites were definitely the Mongolian Barbecue Ribs, Goat Cheese Burrata and the Flatbread. 


We finished off the evening with drinks at Table and spent the rest of the night acting like 12 year olds back at the house – dancing till 3am. It was perfect.


Sunday was our last day. We has planned for brunch at Biscuit Head, but so did everyone else in Asheville. The weather was amazing, so everyone was out and about. Getting brunch anywhere involved a long wait, but we finally got in at Mayfel’s -a southern kitchen with a hint of cajun flair. We started with the fried green tomatoes and beignets. Duh. And I had the breakfast sandwich on sourdough with collard greens. It hit the spot! 



After some window shopping and an attempt to get cake from The French Broad Chocolate Lounge (again, everyone and their mom wanted cake too), we headed back to Charlotte.

My flight wasn’t until 9:20, so Kelly, Megan and I finished the weekend with delicious Indian food from Copper. The perfect ending to the perfect weekend. 

The flight from Charlotte back to Trenton was a quick one hour trip and then I had another hour home to Wilmington. I was so sad for the weekend to end, but excited to get back to my baby girl and baby daddy.  

I can’t wait for our next adventure! I’m hoping the next time it’s to celebrate something special 🙂